Friday, 29 June 2012

Tupperchef inspire

TupperChef Inspire ensures, you cook using less time, less energy, less water and less oil. This ensures food prepared is more nutritious and infused with natural flavors.

Water-less Cooking 
  • means cooking with less water
  • foods use their own juices to cook thereby preserving most of its naturally present nutrients
  • you get tastier meals as natural flavors are not diluted by added water
Grease-less Cooking
  • by adding little or absolutely no oil to the pan, you can still stir-fry, sear or grill any meat to perfection
  • enjoy more healthier, more flavorful and nutritious meals

 A better way to cook
  • Water-less cooking allows food to cook in its own juices
  • retains up to 98% of food's natural vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients
  • retains food's natural color and flavor
  • reduces intake of fat and calories as less or no oil is used

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